Thursday, 17 February 2011

Parents Who Are Behind

Emma has been able both to email and call. From all accounts, it seems like she's doing great. She's met a lot of fascinating people and has been with a lot of the friends she met last year. She has asked Joel and me to keep her blog up to date and of course we have done a fairly terrible job.

However, now that it is 11:17 p.m. I thought I would update a little.

Elise and I started to make a list of weird things that have happened to us on this trip, and here's what we've gotten so far:
  1. Ate raw sugar cane
  2. went to the bathroom in a hole (three times)
  3. got brayed at and chased by a donkey (thankfully it was on a leash)
  4. saw hippos
  5. saw ostriches
  6. got hit on a by a random dude with a gold cross necklace on
  7. got splashed by random shirtless dudes with tight shorts
  8. feed monkeys
  9. stepped in flamingo poop
  10. got offered "spice" (marijuana)

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