Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Day One

Today was our first official "ministry" day in Ethiopia and it was great. Our morning was really laidback and relaxed, so I had time to email my family, unpack, and do devotions. At 10, we went to Mekenesia Addis Kidan Baptist Church (MAKBC) and met the staff and listened as they told us the vision of MAKBC. After lunch, we had another free time, so I was able to journal and read. At 2, we went back to MAKBC to meet the sponsor kids we interviewed last year. I was hoping that the girl my family sponsors, Fikre Addis, would be there but her family was gone today. It sounds like the staff at MAKBC are going to try to set up a time for me to meet her. After we listened to the sponsorship progam (called Hope in View) staff tell us about their program, we went outside to talk to the kids. Right away, out of the blue, this little girl with big brown eyes and a shaved head attached herself to me. At first I didn't really notice - she just touched my camera and held my hand. But soon she got braver and started grinning shyly at me and kissing my hand. I started asking her about herself and found out she was five years old and named Mazaduh. We started a game where she tried to hit my hands and I pretended that it hurt really bad. She loved it. So we chased around the courtyard for a while until it turned into tickling. Then it turned into "let's braid Emma's hair" which then turned into me just holding her. It was the most darling thing ever. I would say that she's the cutest little girl I've ever met, but then I remembered Lizzie. And Sadie. And Fikre Addis. And Mekdes. They're all the cutest girls I've ever met.
That encounter was so special to me because I had been struggling with not really feeling like a part of the team. I felt like there were others more godly, more brave, more funny than I was and that I didn't really need to be here. But God let that girl single me out for no apparent reason to show me that He loves me and He wants me on this trip. Not because I have accomplishments to boast of, but because God has given me certain gifts and strengths to benefit this team. I'm so thankful that God cares enough about me to make sure I know I'm wanted. He is so good. Until my next post, enjoy these pictures (as small as they may be), and know that I am wanted in Ethiopia.


  1. We got your prayer letter and we will be praying for you each night before we go to sleep! Which means that our prayers will be going up as you are getting up for the day.

    I love the pictures! So sweet! It is great to see you in action.

    God uses the humble who are sold out for him. May you be faithful to the ministry God has called you too in Ethiopia, and forget the rest (being funny or spiritual or whatever!). You will reflect Jesus in a way that only you can reflect Him -- in the way he's created you to be.

  2. Emma-I am so glad your Dad told me about this blog site-although you may not be able to access it while in Ethiopia, I find myself thinking about you and praying for your safety and mission. God is doing wonderful deeds through you because you allow him to let you be a vessel.
    Keep posting-blessings-Sandra