Sunday, 13 February 2011

Fikre !!

Hi Mom and Dad!
Have you gotten my email about Sami as well as the pictures? I just wanted to check because you haven't emailed back!!!! :) But I understand if life is just too busy to email your eldest daughter in Africa who just found your friends' longlost Ethiopian friend. :) Just kidding just kidding.
This morning was INCREDIBLE. Elise and I taught at the MAKBC and Gulele Church children's school. Alemnesh and Fikardo had told me that Fikre Addis would be at the MAKBC and Mekdes would be at Gulele. However, when we got to MAKBC, I scanned the room and there was no Fikre Addis. As more and more kids kept coming in, there was still no Fikre Addis. I found the Ivy's sponsor boy, so I was able to give him their gift, but it was kind of bittersweet because I couldn't find our girl. Finally, after all the coloring pages had been handed out and everyone was happily coloring (btw, we had 128 crayons - we gave one to each kid and STILL didn't have enough) I asked Fikardu if he could check for Fikre Addis. He bustled into the sanctuary, called out her name, and sure enough - there coloring on the pew with her mom was Fikre Addis!!! Fikardo grabbed her up and kind of surprised her - he wanted me to give her the presents in private, so we all went to this office. Poor girl, she was pretty quiet at first. But after I talked to her for a while, she totally warmed up. Her mom said that they've been receiving food and school supplies and medicine and clothes. She also said that her and Fikre Addis's health have been good. She wanted me to tell you thank you. After our interview, we all went out to this courtyard, where Mrs. Fikre Addis chatted with her friend and I played with F.A. She was so sweet. She loved the presents and put on the necklace and bracelet right away. There were a bunch of kids all gathered around me, so whenever I pulled out my camera to take a picture of F.A. a mob of kids surrounded me trying to get me to take their picture. That was kind of annoying, but I still managed to get some really good ones of F.A. as well as spend some time with her. She is SO adorable, and so small.
I have to go, but I'll email about Mekdes later as well as send pictures.
Feel free to email! :) Soon!

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