Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A Few Hours Helped Me to See

Ah, wow, God is so good. And I'm sorry to be such a complainer. Today I was reading my Bible and praying and God helped me see through the lie. I DO love Ethiopia and I DID have a great time on the trip and I DID experience everything. Being happy that I'm home doesn't change any of that. So, don't worry about me - God's got me. And be looking for photos and stories from our first day tomorrow!

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  1. Hey Emma,
    Never doubted for a minute that God has you, and hadn't read your blog from the point of view of you complaining. I seen it all as part of the processing. You went into this trip with some pretty overwhelming feelings, thoughts, and emotions, and to me it was all a part of the experience. When you trust in God as you do, you know that things happen and they happen for a reason. Thankful you had some good time in the Word!
    Grandma Deb