Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Button Clinic

Family owned since about two weeks ago, Button Clinic is a local, privately owned medical practice located just outside of Stillwater. We specialize in big, painful shots and vague operations in the stomach and intestinal area. We provide quality care while at the same time making you feel like a part of the family. Come see us today! 

The Staff
Emma is the only practicing doctor at the Button Clinic. Known for her quality care and ability to solve any problem, Emma as been sought from countries as far away as Ethiopia. 

 Zeke is the nurse who can usually be found assisting Dr. Emma in shots. He specializes in check ups and is known internationally for how precisely he weights his patients.

 Levi is the Button Clinic's medical counselor and although he is often busy with other duties, including an intensive bike training routine and a comprehensive reading program, he offers the world's best care when you or your loved one is going through a medical problem.

Sadie was our X-Ray technician, but was recently terminated as a result of unprofessional job behavior, including jumping on the bed. We are currently searching for a replacement.

Our Patients
The Button Clinic has successfully treated thousands of life-threatening diseases, as well as many distinguished patients including the Crown Princess of Ethiopia and Buzz Lightyear. 

So stop in and see us today! You won't find better quality care anywhere else!

Successfully treated for a huge mass in her stomach, Sadie is now fully recovered.

Nurse Zeke treats Sadie as a medical student observes.

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